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How much does sawing a profile, tube, bar or sheet cost?

The cost is calculated when you add an article to your shopping basket because we want to keep the cost as low as possible. The cost depends on the time we need for sawing. Thicker parts take longer, while with a number of parts the setting cost is lower.


Do you also sell profiles and sheets in ordinary metal or steel?

No, we only sell non-ferrous metals. 


How much does transport cost?

We want to keep the cost as low as possible, so after placing your order account is taken of the length, width and weight of everything in your shopping basket. This is the basis for finding the cheapest transport (small package, large package or one’s own transport). You then see the cost. Tip: if possible keep the lengths shorter than 2 metres, or better still shorter than 1 metre. If you think the price is too high: contact us and we will be pleased to seek an alternative solution.

There is no dispatch cost for very large orders (heavier than 500 kg).


What does the coloured dot next to an article mean?

If I search for an article I see a coloured dot next to the shopping basket. What does it mean?

  • Green dot: this article is plentifully in stock subject to sales

  • Yellow dot: there is only a limited stock of this article in our warehouse (subject to sales), don’t wait too long before ordering

  • Red dot: this article is not in stock at the moment, check availability with your direct contact

You are only informed of the exact availability of your order in our order confirmation. Always remember that another customer could have snatched the stock in front of your nose. 

So always first check our order confirmation before you come to collect your goods!


How can I see previous orders and invoices?

Everyone with a login can see the documents at my documents. So you don’t have to be a business customer for this.


Why can I only ask for a quotation and not yet place an order for some products?

This is the case with articles for which we cannot calculate the optimal price using the webshop. You can put that article in your shopping basket. You will then receive a quotation instead of a placing an order. Our specialists will calculate the best price for the quotation request. You receive a quotation by email that you can confirm or otherwise. You can also request a quotation by email or using the contact form.


Why can I not create a user?

First create a business account. You can do this now using the registration form, by sending an email to your contact person or at: info@dejondfastening.com. We process this request manually and you receive your account by email. You can then change your password.

With wrongful use of your account, please always contact your contact person or mail info@dejondfastening.com.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

Through this link you can change your password. For more info you can consult our manual.


What determines the price of my order?

Our standard prices are aimed at orders for small quantities. If you require large quantities you can request a quotation. If you often buy large quantities you can enjoy permanently lower prices.


How can I order building systems, fastenings or Tubtaras at the webshop?

The webshop is still fully under construction. We did not want to put off the option of buying metals using the webshop until all articles have been added. We are continuing to work on this. You will see the range regularly growing.


What if the transporter comes along and I am not at home?

That’s a nuisance. If it was a small package delivered by UPS, UPS will bring it again or it will be dropped off at a local collection point. If however it was a large package supplied by UPS or our own transport, you will have to pay the transport costs a second time. This is necessary to cover the costs we also had to incur.


Why can I not order a thick sheet and only ask for a quotation?

That's right. Sheets thicker than 5 mm are sawed and not cut. The sawing cost largely depends on what you request. This means we have to calculate the price in special sawing software so we can offer you the lowest possible price.


It is possible to saw all the sheets in the same direction in relation to the rolling direction?

We don’t do this as standard, but ask for a quotation, clearly mention that you want this and we will take it into account.


How can some parts have become scratched?

Scratches during processing are unavoidable. If you really want the most attractive piece in the world, ask for a quotation. We will take this into account during processing. This can obviously affect the cost because we then have to take special precautions. The packaging will then also be different.


Are sheets supplied on a pallet?

Yes, otherwise we cannot deliver them to you undamaged. A small cost is charged for the pallet.


Are long, thin parts supplied on a pallet?

These parts are usually supplied on a plank. A small cost is charged for the plank.


Can you send the invoice to my accounts department?

Always add your order reference and important information to your online order so everything is correctly specified on your order confirmation and invoice. If we have the right email address, we can send the invoice to your accounts department.



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