New, budget-friendly hardware insertion press hydraulically powered



Choice of several configurations

  • Pressing force of 6 or 10 tons,

  • Manual adjustment for simple applications,

  • Automatic feeding of self-clinching fasteners, touchscreen control and tool carousel with automatic recall of pre-programmed parameters for larger series,

  • Machines can also be used with automatic workpiece guide or handling robots.


Advantages of these hardware insertion presses

  • Guaranteed reliability through the use of high-quality components,

  • Simple operation and short changeover times,

  • Low maintenance and service requirements,

  • High flexibility due to the large number of possible applications,

  • Automatic feeding system, touchscreen operation, ... are optionally available,

  • Energy-efficient and solid design with the energy efficiency of a hydraulic system,

  • Electronic and mechanical safety system for 100% safe processing of conductive and non-conductive materials,

  • Connection to the usual power supply (400V),

  • Installation of all standard self-clinching fasteners,

  • Stepless adjustment of pressing force, repeat accuracy +/-1%,

  • Lifting speed vertical lift up to 120 mm/second.


For more information or a demo:

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